Mala Mills' Biosecurity Practices

Bedding biosecurity helps keeps your animals healthy by reducing dust and particle exposure, as well as being antibacterial. Mala Mills has excelled at providing animal bedding that has passed the weekly quality tests required for wood shavings.

Our highly scrutinized manufacturing facility contains a controlled Danish entry that must be passed through before entering the production floor. Each of our employees also understand the heightened sense of biosecurity standards that we put in place, ensuring their safety as well as the health of your animals.

Another step we take to provide greater biosecurity is eliminating the chance of our final bedding products from touching the ground during and after production. By eliminating ground contact, we greatly decrease contamination potential to the wood shavings, providing you with a more sterile bedding product.

Mala Mills offers only premium, biosecurity-tested products that you can feel good about using for your livestock. Contact us to find out more about what makes our products and customer service the best.

What is Bio-Security?

The term bio-security (biosecurity) describes strategies that can be used to reduce biological risk. Without taking these measures to keep animals healthy, they are at a higher risk of diseases and economic costs. Some biosecurity strategies used on farms and by livestock producers include the proper disposal of dead animals, proper manure handling, and basic animal management. It is under this last item, basic animal management, where proper animal bedding and bedding change-over procedures come into play.

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Setting New Standards for Animal Bedding

Enhanced Sterilization — Higher Quality Control — Weekly Testing